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With last-minute preparations underway for our late winter discovery tours, the Country Travel DISCOVERIES staff recently discussed background resources for our newly revived Hawaii's Hidden Gems (departing March 10-19, 2013).

We asked our planners: What is a recommended reading to "get you in the mood" for embarking on the Hawaii's Hidden Gems discovery tour?

Perhaps a little surprisingly, one of the most enthusiastic recommendations was not a work of non-fiction -- a travel guide or historical survey or memoir, as we often recommend for travelers. But fans of James Michener's sweeping novels will not find it surprising that in some cases, ambitious works of fiction can evoke a sense of place, culture and history as or more vividly than any other narrative form. 

From the publisher's description:

America's preeminent storyteller, James Michener, introduced an entire generation of readers to a lush, exotic world in the Pacific with this classic novel. But it is also a novel about people, people of strength and character; the Polynesians; the fragile missionaries; the Chinese, Japanese, and Filipinos who intermarried into a beautiful race called Hawaiians. Here is the story of their relationships, toils, and successes, their strong aristocratic kings and queens and struggling farmers, all of it enchanting and very real in this almost mythical place.


We find this tale so evocative that we're pleased to add it to our 2013 recommendations, and we will even provide a free copy to travelers who make early-bird reservations to join our discovery of Hawaii's Hidden Gems this spring!


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