VIDEO: Travelers' "Ode to Canada's Rockies"

Video by CTD Travelers Captures Majesty of Great National Parks

It is commonplace for us here at Country Travel DISCOVERIES to express pride in the friendliness of our customers and the camaraderie that develops in our tour groups. We can't count how many of our vendors, step-on guides, drivers, et. al have told us that ours are "the nicest travelers around"--and we agree!

However, what we don't always have an opportunity to see is just how talented they can be, too.  So we were thrilled to receive an email from Ruth & Les Christiansen of "RuthLesProductions," sharing a surprising and wonderful video they had produced, captioned and mixed with audio after traveling on our Canadian Rockies & Glacier National Park. And what a great job they did!

Scored with gently meditative music, it illustrates well the sweeping beauty that makes our excursions through the region (also including 2017's special luxury rail trip, Canada's Rockies by Rail) among our most popular destinations each year. If you're having a stressful day -- or just want to enjoy some of the world's most stunning and peaceful mountain scenery -- taking 10 minutes to immerse yourself in the Christiansens' video may be one of the nicest things you'll do for yourself today. Enjoy!


Thanks again to RuthLes Productions, who added a second video that wonderfully conveys the sheer awe of the great Athabasca glacier, which travelers ride on in massive, specially outfitted "Ice Explorer" vehicles. It was, in their words, a thrilling and unexpected highlight of the discovery tour...We think you'll see why!





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