Invitation: Branson Holiday Blowout

Last Chance for Popular Holiday Entertainment Tour

thumb MiracleofChristmas SightandSoundOver the years, Country Travel DISCOVERIES has introduced hundreds of travel and music lovers to the wholesome, world-class entertainment, shopping, recreation and festivity of Branson, MO bedecked for the holidays. We've experienced dazzling displays of musical talent, hysterical comedy shows, and unforgettable spectacles staged by the renowned Sight & Sound Theaters. Some of the most memorable highlights of Branson Christmas Countdown...?

First and foremost, at any time of year, Branson is about MUSIC--and we've seen seen some of the best! Shoji Tabuchi, Daniel O'Donnell, Johnny Mathis, the Osmonds and the Brett Family have brought us amazing holiday music in all styles. We've also laughed along with such good-natured comedic acts as Yakov Smirnoff and Maxine's Christmas. We've enjoyed some dazzling revues, from the boot-stomping Raiding the Country Vault to the toe-tapping Puttin' on the Ritz. And in between the choc-a-bloc entertainment, we've had a great time around downtown and Branson Landing -- holiday shopping, savoring down-home Ozark cooking, enjoying the lights and parades and fireshows, and more.

Any of our Branson travelers will tell you: for sheer spectacle, nothing beats the biblical tales of Sight & Sound Theaters. After inspiring us with their massive productions of Jonah and Moses, S&S will be outdoing itself with this year's epic, The Miracle of Christmas...and we just can't wait!

This grand presentation of the birth of Jesus (pictured above)  is a fitting way to wrap up our last Branson trip for a while. For, much as we love it, Branson Christmas Countdown will go on hiatus after 2017, solely to make room for our tour coordinators to introduce fresh, equally exciting holiday programs in other new bucket-list locations our travelers want to try out. So, we invite all holiday music lovers to join us this Nov. 8-12, 2017 for a "last-chance" pre-Christmas vacation you'll never forget!



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