"Hopeful Honeymooners" and a Word About the Unexpected

We've said it before and we'll say it again:

Travel is fun, but also a deviation from routine. Even the best prepared traveler can meet with up the unexpected. That's why Country Travel DISCOVERIES has partnered with Travel Guard to offer a Travel Protection Plan insurance.  It's not just another product for us -- or a matter of trying to sell people something they don't want. (For more detail, click here.)

From our many decades of experience, we understand that the cost of your travel experience with us is a real investment.  Like any investment, it should be protected against unexpected losses or damages and keep your piece-of-mind.  We make it easy as possible for travelers to enroll in this partner's insurance plan at any time up until final trip payments are made and you depart on your trip. 

But we're not in the insurance business.  So, we asked Travel Guard for permission to share on our site and in newsletters some of the real-life anecdotes they've collected over time about some of the ways that even the best planned travel has sometimes unfortunately been marred by circumstances.

We wanted to share one here, both as food for thought and, frankly, as worthwhile for the sake of its happy ending.  This poor couple managed to finish and get the most of out of what could have been a disastrous honeymoon.  An excellent sign for the strength of their relationship in the years to come!  More power to them!

If you have anecdotes you'd like to share with us for future posts, we'd love to hear from you!


Hopeful Honeymooners

Guest Post by Travel Guard

Engaged and excited to plan our honeymoon, my husband, Scott and I went into our local travel agency to determine where to go. Our agent helped us decide to travel to St. Lucia. That's when our agent encouraged us to get a travel insurance plan. We debated for a while, whether it was worth it, and shared a couple testimonials of clients that bought Travel Guard. We decided to purchase a travel insurance plan.

Fast forward to our honeymoon... as we were snorkeling in St. Lucia, Scott suddenly pulled back from me in the water. When we came to the surface, he said his knee locked up. He was in a lot of pain. When we got back to shore, it took two men to help him off the boat. After we were assisted by the medical staff, the only crutches available for my 6'4'' husband were for someone 5'10''. We sat in our room and didn't know what to do. If we couldn't find crutches to fit him, we would have to go home. It was only the fourth day of our ten-day honeymoon. Could this really be happening?


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