Refer-a-Friend Thanks Bonus

Past & Current CTD Travelers: Tell a Friend and Accept Our Thanks

Travel with Friends!Refer a friend who has never traveled with World Wide Country Tours or Country Travel DISCOVERIES, and you can BOTH enjoy a $100.00 bonus.

How to Get Your Bonus

1) If needed, request that a free copy of our Catalog be sent on your behalf to your friend.

2) Give our Reservations Team your friend's name and your referral code (if none, use code GIF17A) while reserving or paying for any tour you want to take.

3) Have your friend do the same!

When your friend makes a reservation, you will each receive a one-time $100 credit toward any trip with us.

The Not-So-Fine Print

No, you and your friend do NOT have to travel together on the same tour to receive your bonuses. (Although it can be a lot of fun to do so!) And YES, you CAN receive a Travel Friends Thanks Bonus for each new confirmed traveler you refer. (Even if I refer 3 friends? Yes. Even if I refer 10 friends? We said "Yes!") Note that because this is a bonus credited per new customer, rather than a per person discount, a couple who refers one new traveler will receive only $100 off their combined reservation as a couple, not $200 ($100 per person).

And YES again, this CAN BE COMBINED with other special deals and promotional offers! (Note: At this time, however, travelers wishing to combine multiple promotion codes may only make a reservation by speaking directly with our Reservations Team, rather than using our online reservations system.)

Why? It’s our way of thanking you for helping us grow our circle of friendly, like-minded travelers who you know and we know would really value traveling the CTD way. (We'd rather spend that money on our loyal customers' travel enjoyment than on another bunch of ads, anyway!)

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